Chinese Auntie Destroys 100 Foreigners in Noodle-Eating Contest

A 53-year-old woman in Wuhan, China dominated over 100 foreigners in a noodle-eating contest last week.
The auntie, surnamed Luo, gulped down 400 grams of noodles in just 8 seconds. The catch: she wasn’t even part of the contest.
Luo was only invited to show off when the actual contest finished. The fastest record among international competitors was set by 21-year-old Emmanuel, who used his hands to consume his bowl in 24 seconds.
Emmanuel, who came from Togo, bagged 1,000 yuan ($145) for first prize. He is currently studying at Hubei University as per Chutian Metropolis Daily.
The contest was reportedly established to facilitate an understanding of Wuhan culture among foreign exchange students. However, Luo’s remarks seemingly ran against this very purpose, Shanghaiist said.
Luo shared that she had no time to eat slowly when she worked in Hanyang. She spoke of her feat:
“When it comes to eating (local delicacy) hot dry noodles, Wuhan people are the best.”
The crowd also laughed at international competitors unfamiliar with the use of chopsticks—including Emmanuel.
Can you beat Luo’s record?
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