Chinese Artist Creates INCREDIBLE Art Using Just String and Paint

An artist in China has gone viral after uploading videos of herself creating some truly amazing art using just paint and strings.

The unknown artist initially uploaded on Dou Yin (抖音), China’s version of Vine/, but has since gone viral on Facebook and Instagram.

While many people are not familiar with this style of art, one commenter claims that the technique is not new.

“Nothing new. I learned this in the early 60s in elementary school art period. It probably was done years before that as well. Sad that art exploration has been sacrificed in the name of testing.” the commenter wrote.

The materials to create this type of art is easily available at your local arts and crafts store. All you need is a bowl of either BioColor paint or tempera paint, string or yarn, and a piece of paper. Below is a good how-to video on this technique:

Let’s see what you can create!

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