Chinese Army Dog Goes Viral After ‘Standing’ to Salute Retiring Handler

Chinese Army Dog Goes Viral After ‘Standing’ to Salute Retiring HandlerChinese Army Dog Goes Viral After ‘Standing’ to Salute Retiring Handler
Bryan Ke
November 30, 2017
A military dog from Suqiang, Jiangsu Province in eastern China is recently melting the hearts of many netizens around the globe with its undying devotion to its handler who is about to retire.
Many tears were shed when the dog, a German Shepherd named Duo Duo, sat up on its hind legs to salute its handler, Wang Xudong, at the Siyang Squadron station on November 28, according to China News Service via Daily Mail.
Image via China News
Duo Duo was reportedly set to patrol the camp at the time when it accidentally came across its handler as well as his other colleagues who are paying their last tribute to the guard post by saluting to it.
As said on the report, Wang tried to order Duo Duo to leave, but the dog refused to obey the command and wished to stay at his handler’s side.
Image via China News
In a rather heartwarming twist, as the guards saluted their guard post for the last time, the dog did the same – only his pay of respect was aimed towards Wang. The tear-jerking spontaneous moment lasted for 10 seconds, according to Chinese media.
Image via China News
Many people expressed positive comments about what Duo Duo did in the photo as can be seen on their reaction in People’s Daily Online Weibo account.
The unconditional bond of an animal and its handler is exceptionally interesting, to say the very least. Some animals even remain loyal to their best friend even if their owners have already passed. Like this pet cat who refused to leave its dead owner’s funeral in Malaysia in September as example or these two dogs who literally walked nearly 2 miles (3 kilometers) just to spend last few minutes with their departed owner for the very last time.
Images via China News
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