Chinese-American Family Demands Answers After ‘Tough’ Marine Daughter Allegedly Commits Suicide

The family of Miriam Elizabeth Liu, the Chinese-American marine who was found dead at a military base in Yuma, Arizona, on September 24, is not entirely convinced that their daughter died of suicide.

The autopsy report, which was conducted by authorities independent of the military, said the 19-year-old’s death was not caused by any external factors, rape, or drugs, People’s Daily Online reported.

What the autopsy report failed to show or note, however, what pushed herto commit the act that resulted to her death.

An unnamed source told the publication that Liu, decribed as a tough daughter, already planned a trip to Disney Land along with her mother on September 22, two days before she died.

She would have never said these if she had planned a suicide,” the source said.

Because of the unconvincing report, the family decided to conduct their own investigation. The family invited an independent forensic investigator to look into the case on October 6. No official word has been released regarding the findings.

More than 300 Chinese-Americans attended Liu’s funeral, which was held on October 7. The 19-year-old’s coffin remained closed for two hours for the last visitation, citing that her remains were not in good condition, her father, Liu Zhiqiang, said.

Liu was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 20, 1998, and resided in Lawrenceville, according to her obituary.

Liu’s grieving family is considering suing the military after the funeral to get justice for their daughter, her aunt said.

Images via People’s Daily Online

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