Chinese-American Designer Featured in People Magazine’s ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ Issue

Chinese-American Designer Featured in People Magazine’s ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ IssueChinese-American Designer Featured in People Magazine’s ‘World’s Most Beautiful’ Issue
Khier Casino
May 1, 2017
Celebrity designer Vern Yip, who has appeared on TLC’s “Trading Spaces”, has been featured in People Magazine’s 2017 “World’s Most Beautiful” along with husband Craig Koch and their two children.
Yip, 48, and Koch love to travel together, and they bring their 6-year-old daughter Vera Lillian Beatrix and 7-year-old son Gavin Joshua Mannox along for the adventures.
The more far-flung, the better,” Yip told People Magazine. “It’s great to see this little 6-year-old and this 7-year-old not be intimidated by different cultures and different food. They really take it in and get excited by it. Travel and eating are big things we like to do together.
Yip’s love of travel has influenced his design style, and he has written columns about his two passions for The Washington Post since 2011.
The family is a competitive bunch, too, especially while playing board games.
We’re very competitive, so you don’t wanna just think, ‘We’re sitting down with the Koch-Yips to play Monopoly and it’s gonna be fun,’ ” he said, jokingly. “There’s gonna be tears. We play to win.
Koch, 46, a doggy-daycare owner, said he and Yip can’t imagine life without their family because it means “everything” to them.
It’s the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning. It’s the last thing I think about when I go to bed at night, and it’s just incredible to experience life with these other three human beings,” Yip concurred.
You form this little unit and you go through life together and knowing that you’re each other’s ultimate support system, and it’s the purpose behind everything you end up doing.
Koch added: “It’s not just the good times, it’s the difficult times. The trials and tribulationsI think it’s so much fun to live life again through your children’s eyes. It’s been so exciting to pass what we learned in our childhood on to our children.
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