Chinese Paramedics Dump Patient’s Body After Realizing He Died Before Reaching the Hospital

An ambulance team in Anhui, China has been fired from their job after abandoning a dead patient’s body before getting to a major hospital.

According to Anhui News, an elderly man had been injured in a traffic accident, leading his family to call an ambulance. The man, along with a female family member, was quickly taken to a small clinic first where it was determined he had to be delivered to a larger hospital.

On way to the general hospital, the ambulance met up with another ambulance from the larger hospital. That was when both paramedic teams examined the old man and discovered he had passed away. They informed the woman who was riding along that the man had died, but then explained that they had another emergency to attend to. The paramedics then reportedly left the man’s body with the family member on the side of the road.

Understandably upset, the family member called the police and reported the incident. Authorities explained that the ambulance should have taken the body to a mortuary or transferred it to another vehicle that could deliver it to a mortuary.

The paramedics and the driver of the ambulance have since been fired from their positions.

h/t: RocketNews24

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