Mom Left Speechless After Receiving a Kid’s Shirt Off AliExpress

Mom Left Speechless After Receiving a Kid’s Shirt Off AliExpressMom Left Speechless After Receiving a Kid’s Shirt Off AliExpress
A mother from Illinois was left shocked and speechless after receiving the shirt she had ordered from China’s AliExpress for her daughter with an unexpected print on the front that read: “F*ck The Police.”
Kelsey Dawn Williamson ordered the shirt on AliExpress on May 10 for $5. The ad on the website names the shirt as “Kids Two Frog Riding Design Baby Boys/Girl TShirt Kids Funny Short Sleeve Tops Children Cute T-Shirt,” which shows an image of the iconic children’s book characters Frog and Toad.
screenshot via AliExpress
However, on Tuesday, Williamson was left utterly speechless when she saw the shirt in person. The 23-year-old mother certainly did not expect to see an explicit slogan printed on the front of the shirt.
I literally did not know how to react so I just took a few moments to stare at it and try to process,” she told BuzzFeed. “Of all the things they could have added, why that? On a children’s-size shirt?”
Williamson then told her husband about the shirt via FaceTime, and she said that they “just screamed together.”
We both just lost it, dying of laughter. All he could say was ‘Oh sh*t,'” she said.
Williamson, of course, made it clear that her 3-year-old daughter Salem has no idea what was written on the shirt, but she really likes the characters printed on it.
The mother’s post has already gone viral, but with fame comes unnecessary messages, and Williamson had received some of them.
People were actually messaging me just to say mean things about her,” she told the publication. “A ton of people calling her fat, asking me what I feed her to make her so big, telling me the shirt I bought was too small.”
The comments had certainly pushed her to remove the post, but she tried to stay in good spirits and decided to just keep it online.
I’ve told [Salem], ‘People really like your frog shirt!'” Williamson said. “It’s going in her baby box so we can bring it up when she’s older.”
Featured image via Facebook / Kelsey Dawn Williamson
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