Chinese Airline Specifically Tells Passenger Not to Open Emergency Exit, Woman Does Exact Opposite

A curious Chinese airline passenger caused an unnecessary delay to a flight in Beijing after she decided to test an emergency feature of the plane just as it was about to take off.

The unnamed female passenger aboard the Xiamen Airlines plane reportedly caused the evacuation slide to deploy despite being warned against doing so by a flight attendant, Shanghaiist reports.

According to a netizen’s post on Weibo, the woman’s curiosity appeared to have been piqued right after the standard passenger safety precautions were demonstrated. During the mandatory drill before the flight, travelers were warned against touching the emergency exit lever in non-emergency situations.

Without warning, however, the woman did the exact opposite and proceeded to deploy the emergency slide by suddenly pressing the lever.

Unfortunately for the curious offender, deploying an emergency slide for no reason at all does not come free and incurs expenses which cost about 100,000 yuan ($14,700). Because of one silly action, the airline may now seek compensation from her.

Multiple cases of similar incidents in the past when a Chinese passenger similarly deployed a plane’s evacuation slide “accidentally”.

Those earlier cases involved a person who was in a hurry to leave the plane, another who mistook emergency exit for the bathroom door and another one who claimed to be just trying to get some fresh air.

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