American Adults Spend 4.5 Hours More on Media and the Internet Than Chinese Adults

Chinese adults have a fairly good reason for spending less time in media and the internet.

According to brokerage firm Bernstein, it’s because they work longer weeks. More Chinese adults also tend to be in construction, manufacturing and mining, “where multi-tasking (as in surfing social media while working) is harder.”

In their research, Bernstein analysts found that the average Chinese adult spends 460 minutes on media activities (such as watching TV), while the average American spends 720 minutes glued to media devices.

That’s a difference of 260 minutes, or nearly four and a half hours.

Nevertheless, the Chinese still spend as much time as Americans on their mobile phones. To internet-based companies, this means good business (via Business Insider):

“This incredible feat has so far helped mask the fundamental paucity of user minutes in China, but we are finally reaching a stage where the boundary of time is set to assert itself. Traditional media has been crushed. Television, if it yields, will most likely donate its minutes to specific formats, such as video, which are adjacent to it. For much else, Chinese Internet users are time-constrained.”

Analysts noted that Chinese internet companies achieved an average of 55% sales growth per year between 2013 and 2016, Barron’s reported. However, because of the Chinese’s lack of time, they are not optimistic for the next three years, citing a huge 25% drop in annual revenue growth.

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