Dog in China Watches His Owner Fall Asleep Because He Doesn’t Want to Be Abandoned Again

Dog in China Watches His Owner Fall Asleep Because He Doesn’t Want to Be Abandoned Again

February 23, 2017
A heartwarming story of a man from China and his adopted dog has gone viral on Chinese social media.
The tale involves an unnamed man who adopted a healthy Golden Retriever at a local shelter.
When he brought the dog home, he found it to be playful and obedient. The pup behaved normally enough throughout the day but when the night fell, the owner noticed something odd about it.
The man would always find the dog outside his bedroom every night, staring at him before he fell asleep, according to Sinchew (via WOB).
At first, he figured that the dog was just not used to its new environment yet, and thought it’d be fine after a few days.
However, days had passed and still, his dog would keep its nightly watch on the bedroom door. Thinking the dog just had excess energy, the man then set out a plan to exhaust him before bedtime.
So he played with his dog in the afternoon until it got very tired. However, for some reason, the dog still found enough energy to stay up late at night to watch him sleep.
Concerned that the dog might be having health issues, he took it to the vet. After a check-up, he was assured that his dog was in perfect health.
With no other options, he sought answers from the animal shelter where the dog was adopted. When he told the worker of his dog’s unusual behavior, he was informed of one heartbreaking revelation that moved him to tears.
Apparently, the dog’s previous owner silently snuck the dog out of the house at night and sent it to the animal shelter while it was sleeping. According to the shelter employee, the previous dog owner and his wife were expecting a baby and they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to take care of the dog anymore.
The dog probably felt so betrayed and heartbroken when it woke up in a shelter the next day that it was worried it would be abandoned again. Now it won’t even dare to sleep fearing that it would be betrayed again by its new owner.
Touched by the dog’s story, the current owner immediately decided to make his dog feel more at home. He did so first by removing the fence at his bedroom door. He also placed the dog’s bed inside his bedroom so it can sleep with him at night.
According to the dog’s new owner, he hoped that by doing so, he “could at least give some sense of security to the dog so that it can sleep soundly at night.”
When the owner posted his story on the Chinese social media, it immediately went viral.
Most netizens who commented relayed their concern toward the dog, while some criticized the previous owner for betraying the trust of his puppy.
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