Chinese Actress Reveals Why She Regrets Marrying a Foreigner

Chinese Actress Reveals Why She Regrets Marrying a Foreigner
Ryan General
July 31, 2017
A Chinese actress expressed regret in having married a foreigner and explained why Chinese women should learn from her mistake.
In an interview last year, local celebrity Yuan Li warned Chinese women who plan on choosing a foreign husband that they should prepare for a life of pain and suffering.
While known to be a private person, the 44-year-old star opened up about her marriage with her third husband, Lehman Bush CEO Blaine Grunewald in 2011, reports Sohu (via the Nanfang). 
Yuan revealed that her marriage to the Canadian served as a learning experience because of the alleged pain she had to endure with him.
“You (can) better appreciate Chinese men after marrying a foreigner,” Yuan was quoted as saying.
In describing her marriage, she used some very powerful words:

“It was like a stuck gear made of flesh and blood, clicking away, grinding down upon my heart and my soul.”
Yuan, who starred alongside Andy Lau and Gong Li in the 2010 Chinese remake of “What Women Want”, explained that through years of adjustment and tolerance, she and her husband had already reached an understanding and have come to terms with their cultural differences. Although it is quite apparent how she does not think too highly of their relationship overall, noting that she “can’t say it’s especially good or bad.”

At one point, Yuan admitted that things had become unbearable that she considered divorcing Grunewald.

Yuan met her first husband, businessman Xu Wei in 1993. She had a son with him before getting divorced in 2000. Her second marriage was with Chinese actor Zhao Ling whom she married in 2005. They divorced in 2007.
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