Disney’s Pick for ‘Mulan’ is Also a Full On Cat Lady

Disney’s Pick for ‘Mulan’ is Also a Full On Cat LadyDisney’s Pick for ‘Mulan’ is Also a Full On Cat Lady
Ryan General
June 15, 2017
Chinese star Liu Yifei, often described as one of China’s most beautiful actresses, has recently been revealed to be an actual cat lady.
The multi-talented 29-year-old artist, who is also known as Crystal Liu, delighted her fans after she uploaded photos of her many feline pets on social media.
Her spacious backyard has apparently become a home to over 30 well-fed and well-cared for cats after Liu and her mother decided to take in stray cats to foster. Toggle reports that netizens have complimented the way they look after the cats turned their home into a sanctuary. 
“The cats all look very plump, they’re definitely leading a good life,” a fan was quoted as saying.
At one point, Liu and her mother both fostered up to 60 cats in the past, but have always welcomed occasional requests from friends and family who want to adopt some of their pets.
Aside from cats,  the actress also owns an assortment of other animals.
As responsible pet owners, they have ensured that their animals are spayed and neutered and that they get regular vet check-ups.
Being one of the most bankable actresses of her generation, Liu Yifei effectively uses her fame to promote animal rights in the country, inspiring her fans and others to be more caring for animals as well.
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