China’s Sex Doll Sharing Service Shut Down By Police For Being a ‘Bad Influence on Society’

China’s Sex Doll Sharing Service Shut Down By Police For Being a ‘Bad Influence on Society’

September 19, 2017
China’s controversial sex doll sharing service became so popular that it caught the attention of the police, which took the service down for being too vulgar.
Xiamen-based company Touch also sells other vulgar items such as sex toys, but only their doll rental services were flagged as too inappropriate for the authorities to allow.
Although Touch was able to successfully organize their promotional event in Beijing, it didn’t take long before their staff were called to the local police station. Authorities explained that the sex dolls were too “vulgar” and ordered the company to remove all of their displays, according to South China Morning Post.
Touch discontinued their sex doll rentals just four days after its initial launch on Apple’s App Store on September 11 due to various complaints that deemed the service as a “bad influence on society.”
“Soon after the ‘girlfriend sharing service’ launched, it triggered intensive attention and heated discussion online, we were informed by relevant authorities and voluntarily cooperate with all the investigations and accept the punishment,” the company’s statement read.
Touch’s sex doll rental service would’ve been a successful venture since it managed to gather over 53 million users. The service promised customers a fully customizable doll that can be rented a whole day for 298 yuan ($45).
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In addition, the sex dolls comes with voice and heating functions, and can even be outfitted with special costumes and accessories, which cost an extra 35 yuan ($5). The sex dolls offered in the service even includes some explicitly questionable models including “Russian teenager,” “Hong Kong car race cheerleader and U. S. Wonder Woman, among others.
However, the service sparked a plethora of heated arguments on the internet, which leading to the demise of Touch’s sex doll rental business. Interested customers will have to try their luck in buying their own life-sized silicone dolls instead, which can cost up to $1,500 each.
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