China’s ‘Sex and the City’ is Tackling Relationship Issues Our Parents Never Taught Us

A popular modern Chinese drama has received great praise from its viewers for tackling topics that are traditionally viewed as taboo in Chinese television.

Ode to Joy,” dubbed as China’s “Sex and the City” by viewers, is now being planned for another season run. As reported on Asian Crush, the show still continues to tackle several issues about female sexuality and serves up plots that involve workplace challenges as well as relationship problems.

The show managed to spark a discussion in May regarding its plot line that involves a breakup between a male character and one of the five female leads after discovering she wasn’t a virgin anymore. This type of narrative managed to touch a nerve with many women in China, which is one of the reasons why it became such a huge success in the country.

Ode to Joy is an attempt to portray the modern Chinese woman in China’s big cities through the lives of five women,” one of the show’s screenwriters, Yuan Zidan, told The Telegraph. “The life they are leading, the problems they are facing represent ordinary Chinese women, and I believe this sense of reality is the most important aspect of Ode to Joy, and the reason for its popularity.”

Not only is “Ode to Joy” entertaining, but the show has also helped some women with their personal lives. According to the report, women claimed that they now feel more assertive with their careers and relationships.

Featured Image via YouTube / DramaFever

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