China’s Richest Man Spotted Riding Beijing Subway

Heads turned on the Beijing Metro when Wang Jianlin, one of China’s richest people, showed up as a fellow commuter.

The founder of Dalian Wanda was spotted riding the Line 1 subway on April 9.

It is unclear why the business magnate — whose net worth is estimated at a whopping $30.4 billion — chose to ride the subway, but Chinese media believe that he was trying to dodge Beijing’s insane traffic.

Wang reportedly rode the subway after getting an eye examination at a hospital, where he was also seen by the public, according to Sohu.

People identified Wang quickly even though he wore glasses.

This is not the first time someone of high profile was seen on China’s trains. Zhang Zhaozhong, a military strategist and TV personality, was spotted on Line 10 in February, according to The Beijinger.

Actor Huang Xiaoming, who has been dubbed “fresh meat,” rode the same line back in December.

Images via Weibo

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