China’s Popular ‘Facekini’ Swimwear Gets a New Porcelain Design

China’s Popular ‘Facekini’ Swimwear Gets a New Porcelain Design
Khier Casino
June 28, 2017
Just in time for the summer, beachgoers in China are adding the porcelain facekini to their swimwear wardrobe.
While wearing face masks, known as facekinis, to the beach is nothing new, the 7th generation Chinese swimsuit staple features blue-and-white porcelain and embroidery.
In 2004, designer Zhang Shifan was running a small swimwear shop in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao when a female customer, who had been stung by a jellyfish, entered the store asking for something to wear to protect her face and neck, according to China Global Television Network.
The facekini mask is designed to cover the entire body of beachgoers and swimmers, revealing only their eyes, nose and mouth to protect them from the sun’s rays, jellyfish, insects and other irritants while in the water.
According to Shanghaiist, the facekini was formally introduced about a decade ago in Qingdao, and underwent several versions thanks to Zhang, who took inspiration from the Peking opera and endangered animals.
It kind of reminds us of the lucha libre wrestling masks or the Pussy Riot balaclavas!
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