China’s New Maid Cafe Has School Girls That Will Spoon-Feed You

Diners looking out to be spoon-fed will feel right at home in this newly-opened maid cafe in China.
Located in Hangzhou, the cafe already attracted streams of diners curious to get a taste of food role play, ChinaNews reported.
The cafe was launched by college graduates from a local university. Its staff members also came from nearby schools.
However, these “maids” were only hired temporarily to attract fans of Japanese anime, the cafe owner told Zhejiang Online. The restaurant was hence called a pop-up maid cafe.
Maid cafes are cosplay restaurants primarily found in Japan, but that doesn’t mean they’re only run by the Japanese.
These “maids” attend to their “masters” by serving food, doing performances and in this case, literally feeding them. This likely warrants some generous tipping.
Commenters over Weibo expressed what they felt about the cafe (via Daily Mail):
“Business will be better if it’s male maids serving.”
“Do you feel comfortable being fed? It’s like a mother feeding her kid.”
“People are just looking for a companion.”
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