China’s New High-Speed Sleeper Train is Literally a ‘Moving Hotel’

China’s new high-speed sleeper train linking Beijing and Shanghai hit the tracks on Saturday for commuters who want to get some shut eye on super comfy double-decker beds.

The D311 train — which is being dubbed as a “moving hotel” — travels at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour (155 miles per hour) and can hold up to 880 passengers, according to Thatsmags.

Each bed on the train has been designed as a separate compartment and comes equipped with tables, outlets, lamps, hangers and curtains.

Along with more space and privacy, the new D311 was also designed to be quieter and smoother, meaning you can kick back and relax without too much noise.

Online travel information website Qunar lists the price of a soft sleeper ticket on the D311 as RMB 732 ($108).

The new high-speed train has only been running for a few days, but it has already received a few complaints, according to the Beijinger.

Some passengers claim that the luggage space, which was described as being able to hold two 25-inch suitcases, is non-adjustable.

Others also say that only the upper berth bunk passenger can stand up in case of emergency.

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