China’s Most Lovable Olympian Announces She’s Single and Wants a Boyfriend

Chinese “mystical” swimmer and Olympic sweetheart Fu Yuanhui has announced on national TV that she is single and looking for a boyfriend.
In fact, the fun-loving 20-year-old who was featured in the Zhejiang TV show Champion Fun looking lovely in her one-piece dress, said she has remained single all her life, reported South China Morning Post.
She said the main reason for not finding the right guy for her was because “there’s no appropriate candidate in our [swimming] team, and even the most handsome guys have become my brothers as we train together.”
Fu also shared what she is actually looking for in a boyfriend in an interview with the Beijing Youth Daily:
“I feel people the same age as me are not mature enough. But I don’t have enough interests in common with my older teammates,” she said.
Earlier this month, Fu Yuanhui rose to social media fame after she gave one of the sincerest interviews seen after her Olympic race was over. Winning a bronze medal in the 100m backstroke final, she told a TV reporter that she had used up all of her “mystical powers” in the competition.
According to Fu, her sudden popularity was purely accidental, saying she did not plan on  becoming an internet star as “it is not my profession”.
After a race with her team on Sunday where  they came in fourth in the 4 x 100-meter medley relay, Fu broke a Chinese taboo when she said that she didn’t not perform well because she was swimming during her period. The comment earned her enormous support from Chinese netizens and gained her further international admirers.
Fu, not taking all the credit, clarifies in an interview with the Beijing Youth Daily that she was actually not the first Chinese swimmer to talk publicly about menstruation.
“To be honest, my teammate Zhao Jing [former world champion of women’s 50 metre backstroke] discussed menstruation with reporters at other swimming events. But the Olympics has a much larger influence,” Fu Yuanhui said.
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