China’s Douchiest Millionaire Just Did Something Unbelievable to Homeless People in New York


Editors note: All images credited to Julia La Roche of Business Insider.

Remember Chen Guangbiao? The man was in the press a couple months ago for his extremely over-the-top business card claiming to be “the most influential person in China.” However, he’s also one of the top 400 richest people in China. Apart from his entrepreneurial accomplishments, he’s also known for his “flashy philanthropy.” According to Business Insider, he’s at it again.

On Wednesday, the man threw a massive event where he handed out $100 bills to 200 people at the Loab Boathouse in Central Park.

Speaking through a translator, Guangbiao said that he wishes that those who got money will put it into good use.

“I hope that you will use this money as seed money for whatever job training or job education you will receive so that you can help yourself.”


In addition to the cash, the homeless guests were also treated with a fancy lunch of seared sesame-crusted tuna with an Asian slaw and steak with mashed potatoes and green beans by a white-globed waitstaff.


Although the lunch was for 300 invited people, only 200 people from were able to attend. It’s said that 100 people were left outside for no apparent reason.


One person who was left outside told Business Insider:

“I am handicapped, and I have been waiting here for 10 and a half hours,” he said. “I have been chased by the police and treated with disrespect after we were promised a gourmet meal and $300. This is a publicity stunt.”

Despite the mild controversy, Guangbiao remains positive in this philanthropic efforts.

“I have helped millions of people and would like to encourage the press to interview the people who actually received help from me today — instead of listening to those people who might be jealous who might have a lot of negative things to say about what I have to offer,”

To explain his reasoning behind his generosity, he had this to say:

“Some people [say] that money is almost like human waste — you don’t come to this earth with it and you cannot carry it to your next life.”

Hats off to you Mr. Guangbiao, We hope to be in your generous presence one day.

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