Viral Chinese Makeup Artist Reveals How Ex-Boyfriend Abused Her for a Year

Viral Chinese Makeup Artist Reveals How Ex-Boyfriend Abused Her for a YearViral Chinese Makeup Artist Reveals How Ex-Boyfriend Abused Her for a Year
Bryan Ke
November 27, 2019
He Yuhong, better known by her online name “Yuyamika” from Chongqing, China, has gone public about being a survivor of domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend.
The 28-year-old social media personality, who gained online fame for her incredible makeup transformation into the Mona Lisa, revealed the horrible experience in her post on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on Monday, according to Shanghaiist.
At one point in the 12-minute video, Yuyamika shows an elevator clip where she is seen being dragged by her shirtless ex-boyfriend, a 44-year-old artist named Chen Hong, as she struggles desperately to break free. He was able to drag the woman by her legs off the elevator.
Yuyamika continued to describe how her ex-boyfriend was kind to her at first and she would often forgive him when he became violent.
However, she revealed that over their year-long relationship, Chen allegedly physically abused her five times since April 8, AsiaOne reported.
Screenshot via 宇芽YUYAMIKA
He reportedly slapped her face, slammed her head against a wall and kicked her while she was on the ground. Chen also allegedly abused her mentally and made her feel “lucky” to be with him.
Yuyamika spoke to Chen’s ex-wives who all claimed they encountered similar incidents that led them to end their marriage to the man.
In the video, Yuyamika expressed that she regrets not going to the police to report the abuse. The vlogger added she speaking out so that other women won’t suffer the same fate.
Screenshot via 平安江北
Local police took notice of the post after it went viral. On Tuesday, authorities announced on Weibo that they have paid close attention to the case and launched an investigation.
After hearing the incident, the Chongqing Women’s Federation offered their assistance to He. The organization also expressed condemnation of all forms of domestic abuse.
via 沱沱的风魔教
Meanwhile, Yuyamika’s ex-boyfriend has yet to release a statement regarding the allegations. He did, however, post two pictures of himself holding a finger to his lips with the comment section turned off.
Feature Image Screenshot via 宇芽YUYAMIKA (Left, Center), 沱沱的风魔教 (Right)
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