China is Building the World’s Largest Airport in Beijing

Opening in 2019, Beijing’s new airport is expected to be the world’s largest based on its design revealed last week.
Construction team member Zhu Wenxin informed that the six-pointed, starfish-shaped airport measures 1,144 meters in length from east to west and 996 meters from north to south, China Daily reported.
To date, the world’s largest airport in terms of area is Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Airport. Covering 780 square kilometers of land, it is bigger than neighboring country Bahrain.
Beijing’s new airport has 78 gates spread across two floors. The upper floor is dedicated for international flights, while the lower serves domestic.
Below the airport lies a 340-square meter transport center, which features a convenient railway system. Domestic passengers arriving by train will have to pass the security check stationed near the airport railway.
Interestingly, a 13,000-square meter commercial district accompanies the airport’s opening. It is located right at the center of the starfish’s six arms.
Construction of the new airport kicked off in 2014 and has since gained worldwide attention. It lies 46 kilometers south of the Chinese capital, further than the current Beijing Capital International Airport, said.
Beijing Capital International Airport, situated northeast of the city, is currently the world’s second busiest airport, trailing behind Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (United States).
Li Jiaxiang, director of China’s Bureau of Aviation, described the new airport:
“[It] will have the capacity to handle 72 million visitors a year. Along with the [current] airport, these two Beijing facilities will be able to handle a passenger turnover of 150 million travelers a year, higher than any airport on earth.”
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