Chinese Groom Reportedly Suing Friends After Getting Hit By Car During ‘Wedding Hazing’

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A groom in China ended up in the hospital on his wedding day after being hit by a car trying to escape the infamous Chinese tradition of “wedding hazing.” 

Ai Guangtao, a 24-year-old man from Zunyi in Guizhou province, is now reportedly suing his friends for the harassment and the injuries he sustained during the ordeal back on Nov. 25.


The groom was reportedly pelted with eggs, doused with alcohol, and sprayed with ink before being stripped naked and then tied to a utility pole. His friends then started beating him with bamboo, reports Shanghaiist.  

Ai managed to escape by hopping over a fence and running onto a busy highway. However, upon entering the road, he was hit by a passing vehicle. He ended up lying almost naked on the road and heavily injured.

Ai was rushed to the hospital where he was found to have sustained a skull fracture and a brain hemorrhage.

Since Ai was forced to spend the next two weeks in the hospital, the wedding had to be postponed.

Meanwhile, the local police have determined that Ai was responsible for causing damage to the car that hit him.

The driver’s insurance company has reportedly demanded Ai to pay the sum of 30,000 yuan ($4,370) for the car’s damages. Ai is now suing his friends so he can settle the amount.

Featured image via YouTube / Netizen Watch

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