China is Upset Donald Trump Didn’t Wish Them a Happy Chinese New Year

China is Upset Donald Trump Didn’t Wish Them a Happy Chinese New Year
Ryan General
February 3, 2017
As the so-called new “leader of the free world” and the United States’ Chief Diplomat, POTUS Donald Trump might need to learn some diplomacy skills from his granddaughter Arabella, especially when dealing with China.
So far, Donald Trump’s words toward China have mostly been antagonizing. He has accused the country of manipulating its currency and its citizens of stealing American jobs, and “raping” America. His rhetoric has even caused a growing wave of attacks and crimes against Asian American communities in recent months. 
Observers believe that a perfect opportunity to at least offer an olive branch to the Chinese would be a nice, heartfelt greeting of a “happy new year” in celebration of the most important holiday season for the Chinese.
Just recently, a hundred Chinese companies have teamed up to light up a giant billboard in Times Square to wish Trump (and the American people) a happy Chinese New Year.
Yet Trump has failed to issue a standard New Year greeting, an action that many consider a diplomatic protocol for a U.S. president. Not even a tweet.
On the other hand, presidential daughter Ivanka Trump earlier posted a video of her daughter Arabella singing in Mandarin to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
And while the  5-year-old girl’s video has gone viral on social media, Chinese netizens have expressed their annoyance over Trump’s apparent lack of regard for the holiday, reported Shanghaiist.
“Trump should take a lesson in manners from his granddaughter,” a netizen was quoted as saying.
“All of his family members are more intelligent than Trump,” another Weibo user wrote.
Other Chinese netizens, however, think that the negative reactions have been an exaggeration.
“For Christmas, does the Chinese President wish all Americans a merry Christmas?” one Weibo user fairly asked.
“Who cares if Trump doesn’t wish us a happy new year? Are you going to stop celebrating because of that?” another one pointed out.
Meanwhile, other world leaders have issued video statements sending their best wishes to all those around the world celebrating the Chinese New Year.
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