China’s Elevated Bus That Floats Above Traffic is Actually a Real Thing

When China first came up with the idea of an elevated bus to help ease traffic congestion, everyone doubted them. They were mocked and people thought it couldn’t be done.

Today, China proved all the haters wrong as the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) began its first road test today in Qinhuangdao City.

Standing at 72 feet long and 25 feet wide, the TEB is fully powered electricity and can carry 300 passengers. It’s expected to reach max speeds of around 40 miles per house once it’s released to the public. There are a couple videos available online of the testing ceremony.

Bravo China. Bravo.

China’s futuristic solution to fixing traffic congestion. Read more:

Posted by Nextshark on Tuesday, August 2, 2016


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