This Asian Country Has the Most Superficial Workers in the World, Survey Finds

A new LinkedIn study suggests that white collar workers in Hong Kong are some of the most superficial in the world because they care more for appearances than being truthful about their job history, according to
The New Norms @Work study, conducted last month by LinkedIn and survey company Censuswide, asked 15,000 full-time professionals ages 18-66 from 19 countries about their office culture and professional social media behaviors.
While the survey found that 33% of Hong Kong workers judge respondents on their social media profile pics, professionals on the Chinese mainland took the title of the world’s most superficial workers, with 38% of Chinese workers saying they judged their colleagues by their profile pictures. Second only to China is India, with 33.7% of workers stating the same.
The survey also asked respondents how often they change their profile pictures.
Millennials aged 25-34 in Hong Kong, who also make up 43% of Hong Kong’s workforce, changed their profile pics more often than any other age group.
By industry, people who worked in recruitment, fashion, luxury goods and hospitality tended to change their profile pictures most often.
The survey also gauged who cares most about profile pictures. Indonesians care the most by far, with 51% saying they put careful thought in choosing their professional profile picture. By contrast, that percentage is only 21.6% among Hong Kong respondents. Japan cared the least, with only 4% of respondents saying they put thought into their pictures.
Deepa Sapatnekar, head of communications for India and Hong Kong for LinkedIn, explained:

“Almost a quarter of surveyed Hong Kong professionals believe it is more appropriate to self-promote on social media now than ever before.

“In today’s digital age, your profile photo is often your chance for a first impression … It’s critical for professionals of all ages to put their best foot forward by leveraging social media to establish their professional brand.”

Here are the general workplace trends LinkedIn uncovered:
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