Chinese Tourists Buy Cheap Trip to Thailand, Get Abandoned By Their Tour Guides Halfway Through

Traveling via a guided tour in a foreign country can be quite disastrous if your tour guide bails. That, unfortunately, is what happened to 38 Chinese tourists during a trip to abroad.

According to The Global Times, the group of travelers reportedly purchased a four day trip to Thailand through a Chinese company for approximately $285. The first two days of the trip were spent in Bangkok as scheduled in the itinerary.

However, Chinese tourists were wary whenever their tour guides solicited them to participate in activities that were at an additional cost. It appears that whenever tourists partake in these extra excursions, the tour guides earn commission off of them.

The group repeatedly refused to pay extra for the activities that were not included in their tour. On June 19th, the third day of the trip, the tourists were abandoned by their guides at a hotel in Pattaya, Thailand.

Once they arrived at the R-Con Wong Amat Suite, the guides told the Chinese travelers that there had been a mistake with the travel agency’s booking. They were apparently unable to check into the hotel, so the guides left the group to resolve the issue.

Needless to say, they never came back. Thai police were contacted early morning and two arrests were made. Of the two guides, one was found to be uncertified.

h/t: Shanghaiist
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