Foreigner Tries to Break Up Fi‌g‌h‌t Inside Chinese Subway While Everyone Watches

A foreign man was recently captured on video trying to break up a f‌ig‌h‌t inside a subway station in China while passersby stood and watched the men tussled.

The incident happened last Wednesday, Oct. 10 on a Line 9 train at the Xujiahui Station of the Shanghai Metro, according to Shanghaiist. Two men can be seen exchanging blows to the face while inside a docked train at the subway station.


One of the two brawling men was knocked out of the train as the elderly foreign man called for them to “get out of here.”

However, the enraged man wasted no time in getting back on his feet and re-entering the train, eager to resume the brawl.

The foreign man was then pushed aside by the two men as they continued their altercation, but this only served to further his resolve to break up the fi‌g‌ht‌.

With his voice now notably raised, the foreigner can be seen shouting at both of them to “cut it out” as he attempts to grab one of the men’s shirt.

What the f**k’s the matter with you guys?” he then yells as the two are finally separated.

It is unknown why the two men were fighting. However, Chinese netizens were quick to voice their displeasure at the apparent apathy of the Chinese passengers, many of whom can be seen taking out their phones to film the commotion rather than try to break it up.

This goes to show that the quality of our people is still too low compared with other countries,” one Weibo user wrote in the comment section, as translated by Shanghaiist.

“We lost face twice in front of a foreigner: first for starting a fight and then for not being able to stop it,” another user said.

However, one comment pointed out that sometimes, trying to break up fights can also pose a danger.

“If I tried to stop every fight I came upon, I would end up in the hospital,” the social media user said.

Images via YouTube / 朝花快訊

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