11-Year-Old Gets Pregnant After Two Years of Repeated Rapes by School Security Officer in China

11-Year-Old Gets Pregnant After Two Years of Repeated Rapes by School Security Officer in China11-Year-Old Gets Pregnant After Two Years of Repeated Rapes by School Security Officer in China
An 11-year-old girl, only identified by her alias Lele, was recently discovered to be pregnant after her family found out that she has been a victim of a long-term sexual abuse and was repeatedly raped by her school’s security officer.
china student rape
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The horrifying revelation came in December 2017 when Lele was brought to the local clinic when she began complaining about physical discomfort. It was revealed then that the 11-year-old girl was already five months into her pregnancy, news.k618.cn reported.
After finding out she was pregnant, her family began to ask her questions about what happened, and the only word she could give out at the time was “teacher,” as translated by Shanghaiist via Medium. It was then revealed the gruesome story on how she was repeatedly raped by one of the school’s staff at the No. 2 Primary School in Magutian Village that lasted for about two years.
According to Lele’s brother-in-law, Zhang Jun, the sickening assaults first began when the girl was only nine and in fourth grade.
Lele used to do great at school with fantastic grades and an outgoing, cheerful personality,” her brother-in-law said, adding, “but she’s grown more quiet in the past two years.”
Image k618.cn via Sina
She was at the playground at the time when the school staff, only identified by the surname Liu, approached them and sent the two kids she was with away.
The man, believed to be in his 50s, then continued to take her by force into a basement where he gagged and raped her, threatened her that he will “kill her family” if she ever tells anyone about what happened. This went on for two years.
Liu, at one point, even stalked Lele as she went home from school. He once tried to make contact with her family by knocking on their door pretending to borrow a book. It was at that time that Lele’s mother noticed something very wrong with that particular occasion.
Shortly after that incident, the man reportedly raped Lele again in an abandoned building.
The school’s principal, Chang Chunkui, described Liu’s tenure at the school as “seemingly nothing irregular and totally normal” and that he had no knowledge that this was already happening. The man, according to reports, is married with children and has been working at the school for five years.
He is not actually on the teaching staff,” Chang said about Liu’s position as part of the school’s staff. “He’s a security officer at the school who is in charge of the students’ safety and discipline.”
Lele was born in 2006 to a physically disabled father and a mother who is mentally challenged, according to the report. Her father works in the nearby city as a migrant worker, which means that the only people left to supervise the child are her mother and older sister.
Liu has been placed under police custody as they wait for the DNA test result that they conducted earlier in December.
Lele’s aunt, meanwhile, said that the girl has become even more silent after they found out that she was pregnant. The family also didn’t receive any word from either the school or Liu’s family before they were contacted by the reporters, saying that no one tried to reach out to them.
china student rape
Image k618.cn via Sina
A day after the news broke out, Lele’s family had reached the decision to cancel her pregnancy.
Lele’s story comes after a series of explosive sexual abuse scandal that rocked many schools in China late last year. In November 2017, a private school in Shanghai was accused of drugging and sexually molesting some of its students. And a month after that, James Mikkelson, an English teacher from a top school in the same area, was fired from his position after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct begun circulating on the internet.
Featured image k618.cn via Sina
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