The Majority of People in China are Unhappy With Their Sex Lives

A recent survey reveals that a greater part of the Chinese population have dissatisfying sex lives.
According to China Daily, a national survey conducted by the Chinese Medical Association’s Society of Andrology and the China Sexology Association and released on Sunday found that a majority of Chinese people had poor sex lives that could be attributed to depression or stress. Responses were drawn from 72,377 questionnaires of people aged 26 to 55.
Of the total number of respondents, 60% were male. A whopping 90% of those surveyed believed sex lives were a significant factor to marital happiness and self-confidence. However 70% of people reported having dissatisfied sex lives and 40% blamed stress and depression for it.
According to participants of the survey, the underlying cause to their unsatisfactory sex lives is believed to be stressful work and living conditions that has led to the onset of additional problems including insomnia, smoking and alcoholism.  
Many Chinese people who are unhappy with their sex lives are also unwilling to seek medical assistance from Western medicine. The survey indicated that about 90% of Chinese men suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction but have looked towards traditional herbs and home remedies to treat the condition.
Liu Defeng, a physician at Peking University Third Hospital, stated:
“Most of them feel shy about telling doctors about their problems, or are overly concerned about the side-effects of pills.”
According to Liu, of the 30 million men who suffer from erectile dysfunction in the United States, 23 million have used Viagra prescribed by doctors. However, a majority of those surveyed were more reluctant to trust Western medicine. Pierre Gaudreault, Chinese chief marketing officer for Viagra-manufacturer Pfizer, stated:
“The problem of erectile dysfunction is not life-threatening, but will affect people’s mental and physical health, or even happiness of their family.”
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