China Rolls Out Strict New Rules For Foreign Students Studying in China

China Rolls Out Strict New Rules For Foreign Students Studying in China
Carl Samson
June 6, 2017
The Chinese government has announced on Monday that foreign students pursuing higher education programs must take compulsory courses beginning next month.
According to the new regulations, universities and colleges must teach international students Chinese laws, culture and language. Those majoring in philosophy and politics must also learn certain political theories, South China Morning Post reported.
Schools must also provide international students with “instructors” which, as told by the outlet, follow the practice of hiring “political instructors” for Chinese students. The latter are responsible for political education and ideological influence.
Instructors of international students, on the other hand, are required to “understand [the students’] needs” and “provide information, counseling and recreational activities [for them].”
The regulations, which do not apply to students from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, are reportedly established to regulate university and college admission processes, cultivate and manage international students and provide them with “convenience.”
Such objectives are expected to serve the growing number of foreign students in China. As per the country’s Ministry of Education, the average growth rate per annum is 35%, IOL News noted.
Other than compulsory subjects and instructors, the regulations also ban religious activities on campuses. International students can keep their beliefs and customs but schools must not provide them venues for religious expression.
Meanwhile, those who live outside dormitories must register their places of residence with police.
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