‘Pregnant’ Student Caught Trying to Sneak Cat on Train When Her Stomach Started Meowing

‘Pregnant’ Student Caught Trying to Sneak Cat on Train When Her Stomach Started Meowing
King Malleta
February 9, 2017
In China, pets are not allowed to board trains, but one persistent university student came up with a plan so she could sneak in her pet cat.
A woman from China pretended to be an expectant mother so she could sneak in her cat at the train station.
According to South China Morning Post, the unnamed woman tried to conceal her cat by hiding it under her jacket and pretending that she is expecting a child. However, the plan did not go as smoothly as she had hoped for after she got busted at the security checkpoint.
The student was close to sneaking in her pet cat at the Lishui train station in eastern Zhejiang province but she was found out after her cat started “meowing” under her clothes.
The article said that the woman refused a pat-down and resisted going through the metal detector despite security officers assuring her that it will not harm her “baby.” That was the moment the cat started making noises and she had no choice but to reveal her pet.
Because of her “offense,” the officers gave the student a verbal warning but her cat had to be left at the station until her family could come and fetch it.
The young student was on her way back to Hangzhou after spending Spring Festival with her family and because she was driven to Lishui, she was able to take her cat with her. However, going back home turned out to be a hassle – most especially for the innocent cat.
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