China Opened the World’s Longest Sightseeing Escalator For Tourists to See Nature

The world’s longest sightseeing escalator, located in Enshi City, China, opened for business last week.

The 688-meter-long structure welcomed tourists just in time for the country’s week-long celebration of National Day, People’s Daily said.

Built along a mountain, the escalator follows an upper-case sigma shape (Σ) that provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding Enshi Grand Canyon.


According to an insider, each visitor is charged 20 yuan ($2.98).

The escalator is reportedly capable of supporting 7,300 people per hour, while 600,000 visitors are estimated to be carried a year.

Spearheading the project, Xiong Yan from the Central-South Architectural Design Institute said:


“The whole engineering plan focused on ecological protection, which can be seen from the wooden structure and grey tile at the top of the escalator.”

To complement the surroundings, parts of the escalator have been adorned with vine plants.

With another scenic spot to go to, we hope visitors maintain order and refrain from leaving trash behind — with or without pandas.

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