China Now Sells Cigarettes Packed With ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’

Packs of cigarettes containing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are making their way to Beijing’s markets, luring customers to puff their way to “good health.”

On December 19, a netizen shared photos of the products claiming to have medicinal properties on Weibo.

The cigarettes are labeled with added tangerine peel and loquat, both used in traditional Chinese medicine for digestive problems, according to the Global Times.

Another pack boasts of having Chinese caterpillar fungus, which happens to be an expensive aphrodisiac.

The supposed herbs are reportedly found in small liquid-gel beads within the filters, akin to “fruit flavored” cigarettes more commonly sold.

The proliferation of such products comes as China struggles to warn the public against the dangers of smoking. In 2014, the government banned smoking in public areas.

The Global Times noted that advertising cigarettes with the benefits of TCM also violates regulations for tobacco control set by the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their amusement and interest:

“I recently caught a cold, I hope this can cure my cough.”

“I seem to see the hope of smoking.”

“I’ve also seen ginseng-flavored beads.”

“I really like the taste of dried tangerine peel, where can I buy this?”

“I want chrysanthemum beads, thank you.”

What do you think of these “TCM-packed” cigarettes?

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