China Now Has an Epic Glass Water Slide Down a Mountain

China Now Has an Epic Glass Water Slide Down a Mountain
Kyle Encina
August 24, 2017
China’s massive water slide in Lingshou County manages to combine the exciting elements of roller coasters and water parks into one epic tourist destination by constructing multi-layered slides that overlap each other.
Much like roller coasters, the water slides themselves cover a lot of distance measuring 1,260 meters (4,133 feet) long, according to Shanghaiist. However, what makes this water slide paradise even more intriguing is its transparent exterior.
The water slides take visitors through winding paths and great heights, which highlight the beautiful views of the Hebei mountains. The whole experience is made even more nerve-wracking when guests are able to see through the frightening view below.
Visitors use inflatable rafts to slide down the lengthy water slide, making the experience feel like extreme whitewater river rafting mixed with roller coasters. If you want to try a new and fun white water rafting experience, you might want to visit American Whitewater Expedition for more info.
China’s latest attraction builds off their already prominent glass bridges throughout the country.
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