China Now Has a $10,000 ‘Plug-in House’ that Can Be Built in Less Than 24 Hours

China Now Has a $10,000 ‘Plug-in House’ that Can Be Built in Less Than 24 HoursChina Now Has a $10,000 ‘Plug-in House’ that Can Be Built in Less Than 24 Hours
Ryan General
November 13, 2017
A sleek, modern, yet affordable house assembled in less than 24 hours in Beijing, China is gunning for the “World Building of the Year” award at the World Architecture Festival to be held in Berlin this week.
Due to the incredibly high cost of housing in Beijing, a woman named Mrs. Fan has been forced to stay in a cramped and dilapidated home in the courtyard of her parents’ house outside the city.
While it was ideal for her to live near her family, she also wanted a modern home for herself that she can get at an affordable price, reports Business Insider.
She decided to approach local design firm People’s Architecture Office (PAO) to help her build a new home that did not cost as much as the ridiculously expensive homes in Beijing, which normally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Rising to the challenge, the team responded with a state-of-the-art design they dubbed a “Plug-in House”. If home ownership is a must for you as well, then companies like the New Home Construction in Eugene can be of great service.
The impressive design was reportedly based on a similar one the firm previously used to create a renovation system.
Utilizing the construction system, which makes use of locking prefabricated panels, a construction team was able to build the Plug-in House in less than 24 hours.
According to PAO’s principal James Shen, the project was completed using only $10,000 worth of materials and a hex wrench.
He noted that almost anyone can construct a Plug-in House.
“The structure is built without any machinery and does not require specialized labor,” Shen was quoted as saying.
The Plug-in House’s ingenious design caught the attention of the World Architecture Festival, which shortlisted it for the World Building of the Year award. The event’s award winners will be announced on November 15-17, 2017 in Berlin.
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