Monkey in China Hates Durian So Much It Tries to Wipe the Smell Off Its Hands

One really smart monkey is going viral for its adorable reaction after being handed a piece of durian fruit in China.

The adorable moment was captured by a tourist in Leshan, Sichuan province, southern China on Aug. 23, according to a video first posted on Newsflare.

One of the tourists gives a piece of durian to the animal but it was apparently not very fond of the fruit. After realizing the smell, the monkey immediately drops the piece on the ground.

The monkey then brings its right hand to its nose for a closer smell.

After realizing that the fruit did leave an odor on its hand, the monkey quickly tries to wipe it on the tree stump and smell it again to check if the stench was gone.

According to the South China Morning Post, other animals also showed their disapproval of the “King of Fruit.”

Many humans also don’t like the smell of durian. Some people try to record themselves eating the fruit as part of a challenge, while others simply run away from the odor.

Images via YouTube / South China Morning Post

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