China’s Latest ‘Fitness Challenge’ Requires Chinese Money and an Insanely Small Wrist

Chinese netizens can’t and won’t stop with their insane fitness challenges. There was the “behind the back boob grab” challenge, the “printing paper” challenge, the “iPhone knee” challenge, and now this — some are judging health and beauty by the size of their wrists using Chinese money.
The challenge called the “100 yuan wrist” has been catching fire on China’s favorite microblogging site Weibo and the video-sharing app Meipai.
Netizens are posting pictures of their wrists wrapped with a 100-yuan note. Participants pass the test if their wrists are completely covered with the cash. A typical 100-yuan note measures 6.1 inches by 3 inches.
More ambitious folks are taking the test a step further by doing it with a shorter bill such as the 5-yuan and 10-yuan.
h/t: Shanghaiist
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