China May Ban K-Pop and K-Dramas Over South Korea’s Missile Defense System

Following South Korea and the United States’ decision to deploy the former’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), China, worried about the system’s proximity, is reportedly planning to restrict/ban Korean entertainment for an indefinite period.
In response to North Korea’s nuclear threats, THAAD is designed to take out ballistic missiles in their “terminal phase.” Its sophisticated radar, however, enables deep military surveillance in Chinese and Russian territories, South China Morning Post said.
According to information collected by Sina, China’s General Office of Television Broadcasting is indeed planning to make restrictions on Korean entertainment, but the scope has not been specified. As of press time, it is believed that there will be less K-Pop and K-Drama promotions in the country.
Boy group Exo, for one, reportedly cancelled their Shanghai concert originally set in late August. Exo has former members of Chinese-descent, Kris, Luhan and Tao.
With recent speculations, netizens were quick to worry, but many questioned the veracity of reports. In Reddit:
“I follow T-ARA fansites on WeiBo religiously and I haven’t heard a single word about this. I’m waiting for confirmation before i form an opinion. This news could be bunk.”
Another attempted to translate a local account:
  1. South Korean idol groups are prohibited from activities in China.
  2. Korean idol groups may not have over 10,000 [attendees] at events.
  3. New rules prevent investment of companies into Korean culture.
  4. This includes things invested in before the ban.
Reports say Korean shows that are currently broadcasting, however, will not be affected.
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