Wife Leaves Man After He Chooses to Save His Mother Over Her During a Flood

Wife Leaves Man After He Chooses to Save His Mother Over Her During a Flood
Editorial Staff
July 25, 2016
A Chinese man recently had to tackle the extremely difficult dilemma of choosing between his mother or his wife during a flood.
Gao Fengtai attempted to rescue his mother following an alert of an incredibly strong flood hitting his village of Daxian, outside of Xingtai city in China. As he was leaving work on Tuesday, Gao was notified of a red alert for heavy rainstorms by the local meteorological observatory.
As a subservient son, Gao rushed back to his village to check on his mother, who lives alone. According to Shanghaiist, Gao parked his truck outside of his mother’s home and waited for three hours for the flood waters.
The flood never appeared so Gao returned back to his own home where he lives with his wife, children and disabled father. Past midnight, Gao’s wife was alarmed by flood warnings and woke her husband up.
Once awake, Gao immediately hurried to his mother’s home, which was about two minutes away from his house. After checking that his mother was out of harm’s way, Gao came back home.
He found that his wife had blocked the door to prevent water from entering. Gao instructed his wife to help get their children and his father on to the rooftop as he returned to his mother’s place. Meanwhile, his wife had dragged their two kids and his disabled father safely onto their roof.
Eventually, the flood subsided and Gao returned back to find that his wife had left him. She took their two-year-old son, four-year-old daughter and 2,000 yuan, nearly $300, with her.
Gao told the local news reporter about the tragic incident. He said of his wife:
“She’s a good wife with a strong personality and always takes good care of my parents. It was impossible, I wasn’t sure who I should save first.
“I can’t imagine what went through her mind when I went straight for my mother. Abandoning my mother would be reprehensible, but leaving my wife behind would be unacceptable as well. I know she must be so disappointed in me.”
Gao plans on visiting his wife’s parents’ home and begging his wife for forgiveness.       
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