Oblivious Chinese Man Walks Right into a Cycling Race, Causes Epic Crash

A Chinese man who caused a serious crash by casually strolling across the street during a massive bike race has been arrested.

The 2016 Tour of Qinghai Lake cycling competition, which took place on Sunday, was abruptly interrupted by a huge pileup of cyclists who attempted to dodge a man who crossed the road. According to Shanghaiist, the cyclists were three kilometers from the finish line when the accident occurred.

The injured athletes were transported to a local hospital while others went on to finish the race.

The man who strolled into the path of racing cyclists has been arrested by local police.

He miraculously walked away from the incident uninjured.

Witnesses at the scene believe the man responsible for the pile up is mentally ill.

Watch the full video of the incident on YouTube: 

Chinese netizens have offered up their opinions on the accident. One person wrote:

“At least he is using the crossroads and isn’t a jaywalker.”

Others were more sympathetic about the man’s condition:

“I heard that the man is mentally ill. Security should have stepped up to prevent this from happening.”

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