China Has Been Named the Least Generous Country in the World

China Has Been Named the Least Generous Country in the World
Max Chang
October 26, 2016
In the 2016 World Giving Index report published by the Charities Aid Foundation, China was ranked the 140th most generous country out of 140 countries. In other words, China is pretty stingy on charitable aid.
The charity foundation surveyed 1,000 people in 140 countries on any charitable acts they may have done within the last month. Charitable activities included helping a stranger, donating money to charity or volunteering.
Less than a quarter of Chinese people interviewed, 24%, said they helped a stranger in the last month. In other countries, like Iraq, for example, 81% of people interviewed said they had helped someone in need.
Only 6% of Chinese people said they had donated money to charity and volunteered, ranking 138th in the world in just those two categories. Meanwhile in countries like Myanmar, 91% of people surveyed claimed they had given money to charity in the last month.
In terms of generosity, China ranked behind Palestine, Yemen, Greece and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2015, China ranked 144 out of 145 in generosity. The most generous countries in the world at the top of the list are as follows:
1) Myanmar
2) United States of America
3) Australia
4) New Zealand
5) Sri Lanka
6) Canada
7) Indonesia
8) United Kingdom
9) Ireland
10) United Arab Emirates
Unfortunately, there may be a crisis of trust in China where people can’t be depended on to do the right thing, whether its taking advantage of a restaurant that let people pay what they feel like or taking free food from kitchens meant for the needy.
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