Blogger Exposes Nasty Cleaning Practices of 5-Star Hotels in China

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More than a dozen five-star hotels in China have come under fire after people discovered their unsanitary practices.

The information comes from an exposé from a blogger who filmed staff through hidden cameras as they went about “cleaning” articles guests had used.


Of the 14 hotels exposed, seven are in Shanghai, long-regarded as one of China’s top tourist destinations.

The hotels in question located in the city include Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai, Bulgari Hotel Shanghai, Four Seasons Shanghai, Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, and The PuLi Hotel and Spa, Shanghaiist noted.

A blogger exposes unsanitary practices in top Chinese luxury hotels

In the video, disgusting practices happen behind expensive accommodation rates.

In Bulgari Hotel, which costs $648 a night, a worker is seen picking a used plastic cup lid from the garbage bin, wiping it with his T-shirt and putting it back on the cup.

A worker retrieves a used plastic cup lid from the garbage bin and “cleans” it with his shirt.

Meanwhile, a worker at Four Seasons, which costs $288 a night, uses the same sponge to clean the sink, cups and glass door in a bathroom.

A nasty practice of the same sort is seen in Ritz-Carlton, which costs $432 a night, with one worker using the same towel to clean a sink and some cups.

A worker throws a sponge into the sink after using it to clean the glass door.

Following the exposé, a number of the hotels issued statements to apologize, with many forced to point out that they value hygiene.

The worker uses the same sponge to wash cups without disinfecting it.

However, apologies are not enough for tourism authorities — at least in Shanghai — who announced that inspections will be carried out at the problematic hotels.

Punishments will be imposed when such practices are confirmed.

Another worker uses the same towel to clean a sink and some cups.

The video has naturally gone viral on Chinese social media, with many slamming the luxury hotels for “cheating” on patrons.

Weibo users commented:

“This happens all the time but authorities are not taking this seriously.”

“What can actually be done? This always happens. At the end of the day, this will not be solved, and these hotels will only remember the blogger who exposed them.”

“It would be better to exercise your white blood cells as these are impossible to prevent anyway.”

“It’s one thing to be lax in management. It’s another thing that these workers’ professionalism is too bad.”

“A hotel looks clean, but it’s actually a lot dirtier than you think. A hospital looks dirty, but it’s actually a lot cleaner than you think.”

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