China Hits New Low With Extremely Racist Propaganda Video Over India Border Dispute

China Hits New Low With Extremely Racist Propaganda Video Over India Border DisputeChina Hits New Low With Extremely Racist Propaganda Video Over India Border Dispute
China has fired up its propaganda machine to attack India via an extremely racist video posted by its state-run media.
Tensions have been escalating between the two countries over a territorial dispute in the Himalayas. China’s building of a military-grade road through disputed territory has caused the two nations to reinforce the numbers of border troops assigned to the area.
So far, neither side has used firearms, but earlier this week, a case of initial shoving and pushing escalated with Chinese soldiers hurling stones as they attempted to enter the Ladakh region.
As if to add fuel to the fire, Xinhua released a horrendous video that portrays India as clueless and stupid. The video accused the Indian government of committing what it dubbed as the “7 Sins of India”, which includes: violating convention, being ignorant of what’s right from wrong, trespassing, and hijacking Bhutan to further its own interests.
Observers, however, have pointed out that the video may do more harm than good for China as it shows how low it is willing to go in the name of propaganda.  
Presented in English, the video poses a very one-sided take on the events taking place in the territorial standoff.
Hosted by a condescending female presenter aided by some canned laughter, the video went on berating India for being “thick skinned”.  
It also makes a blatant mockery of an Indian stereotype played by a Chinese actor wearing a fake beard and turban.
In response to the video posted under New China TV, the official YouTube channel of Xinhua news agency, commenters expressed outrage, with some throwing their own insults to China and even the video production itself.
Public policy think-tank AEI analyst Sadanand Dhume said the video illustrates how China views its rival in the dispute.
“To me, the Xinhua video is more amusing than offensive,” Dhume wrote in a blog for AEI. “It also happens to illustrate a point I make … the ongoing border standoff shows that China has absolutely no intention of treating India as an equal.”
Dhume pointed out that through the video, Beijing is showing how it has “has chosen to dismiss or mock New Delhi’s concerns that Chinese road-building on the Doklam plateau … changes the status quo in a way that India cannot afford to ignore.”
He further explained that Beijing’s lack of respect for its neighbor in this context may be due to its belief that India is proof that democracy is not effective in developing countries.
“The Chinese know little about India, but what they know is not positive,” he says.
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