Chinese Cop Saves Falling Pregnant Woman, Attracts Hordes of Women Wanting a Date

Hot Cop

Dozens of women have tried to call a police station in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, hoping they could organize a date with the local hero cop who saved a woman from jumping off a high building.

The 25-year-old police officer, Wang Haobin, responded to a call of a female attempting to jump off a 16-story building on Friday, according to Qianjiang Evening News via South China Morning Post. Wang arrived on the scene to see the woman standing on the ledge outside the top of the building.

Hot Cop

As people tried to talk the pregnant woman out of jumping off the building, the hero cop climbed over a wall at the top of the ledge and carried her to safety.

Wang gained plenty of female admirers after the news of his heroic deed spread, many of whom reportedly called the station to ask about his contact details and relationship status. Even parents of single women called in, hoping to arrange something between their daughter and the most eligible officer!

Hot Cop

His colleagues did not disclose any of Wang’s personal details; however, they suggested to look for the hot cop while off-duty.

Wang, a former gymnast before joining the force in January last year, stated that he is not seeing anyone at the moment, but he is taking his time and is in no rush when it comes to love. Looks like this hot cop won’t have to go far to find romance!

Surprisingly, Wang isn’t the only cop from Hangzhou to go viral for his good deeds; last year, 55-year-old Bai Yan was praised for spending his entire life savings on his dog rescue.

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