China Has a ‘Flying Veil’ Trend That’s Making Weddings So Extra

China Has a ‘Flying Veil’ Trend That’s Making Weddings So Extra
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
April 6, 2018
It’s tempting to want to stand out on your wedding day, and this bride’s now-viral veil trick certainly left a lasting impression.
The flying veil trend first circulated on Weibo back in January, according to BuzzFeed.
Image via Weibo
“A wedding veil that falls from the sky… When did getting married become so romantic? Obviously being poor has limited my imagination,” the influential meme Weibo page wrote in the caption, as translated by BuzzFeed.
via Weibo
Nearly three months after it first surfaced on Weibo, the clip has once again been reposted online. Shanghaiist re-uploaded the video on Facebook, racking up more than 5.7 million views, 54,000 shares, and 72,000 likes.
While it may look amazing, some people couldn’t help but find the stunt a bit — or super — creepy.
Some were more imaginative in other directions…
…but there were plenty who loved the idea and wanted to incorporate the trend into their own weddings.
Here’s to hoping that the newlyweds experience as much happiness in their marriage as they’ve brought to netizens everywhere.
Featured image screenshot via Facebook / Shanghaiist
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