Chinese Firefighters Use Water Hose to Stop Suicidal Woman From Jumping Off Building

Chinese Firefighters Use Water Hose to Stop Suicidal Woman From Jumping Off Building

September 28, 2018
Firefighters in China resorted to an unorthodox means of rescuing a suicidal woman who threatened to jump off her third-floor apartment.
Footage of the unusual rescue on Wednesday showed the suicidal woman sitting by the window with one leg dangling over the ledge of her unit in Wenzhou, Anhui province.
In the clip that has been widely shared on Chinese social media, a fireman can be seen using a long rod to push the woman to get her to safety. Meanwhile, another rescuer used a high-pressure water cannon to blast her back inside her home.
The novel technique proved quite effective as the dramatic rescue concluded with the woman finally secured in just 10 seconds.
Before using the jet of water, the firefighters and police officers on the scene reportedly engaged in 30 minutes of negotiations with the woman but failed to talk her out of jumping, reports MailOnline.
Without much options left, the Anhui Fengtai county public security rescue team decided to employ some drastic actions by approaching her via her neighbor’s adjacent unit.
A firefighter wearing a safety harness can be seen climbing out of the neighbor’s window and reaching the woman with a rod. 
When the woman evaded the push from the rod and reappeared back at the window, the firefighters on the ground fired up the water hose on her.
The water pressure forced the woman back inside her home, where other officers were waiting to restrain her.
According to the security bureau’s social media account, the woman was then rushed to a hospital for a checkup. Further details surrounding the reasons behind the woman’s suicide attempt were not revealed to the public.
Featured Image via YouTube / Netizen Watch
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