‘Jaywalker’ Caught By China’s Facial Recognition AI Turns Out to Be a Bus Ad

china facial recognition

China doesn’t shy away publicly shaming citizens who commit traffic violations using its facial recognition artificial intelligence (AI) software on thousands of CCTV across the country.

China’s surveillance cameras suffered a glitch in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, when one of the street cameras captured a jaywalker at an intersection in Jiangxia Bridge East, according to Abacus News.

On a massive public screen dedicated to “naming and shaming” people who commit crimes, famous businesswoman Dong Mingzhu was charged with crossing the street at a red light.

What the camera actually captured was a large advertisement with her face posted on the side of a bus for Gree Electric, a company of which she is the chair, Mashable reported.

The city’s traffic police later issued a statement on its Weibo page, admitting its mistake for spotting Dong’s bus advertisement. The traffic police deleted the record of the violation and claimed that they upgraded the system to prevent any future errors.

The businesswoman also reportedly appeared with another surname “Ju” alongside an image of her face.

Images via Weibo

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