D‌r‌u‌‌n‌‌k Executive Demoted After Ki‌‌s‌s‌‌‌‌in‌‌g Male Colleague’s N‌i‌‌pp‌‌l‌‌e‌‌s at Party

D‌r‌u‌‌n‌‌k Executive Demoted After Ki‌‌s‌s‌‌‌‌in‌‌g Male Colleague’s N‌i‌‌pp‌‌l‌‌e‌‌s at Party

October 22, 2018
A drunk executive from a securities firm in China not only missed on a potential award but also suffered a demotion after a video of his unpro‌fess‌ional actions during a dinner party emerged online.
Last month, Founder Securities’ executive director Ma Jun was at a party hosted by New Fortune magazine for the nominees of a prestigious industry award for best security analyst.
Since the voting was scheduled to take place the following morning, participants had more than enough time to mingle and have some fun.
However, the dinner party apparently got a bit out of hand, with some, especially Ma, exhibiting what many would find to be i‌mp‌r‌o‌p‌er behavior in such a professional setting.
In the video that has become widely spread on Chinese social media, Ma is shown with his belly exposed and apparently inebriated. He can be seen pulling up the shirt of another man and then k‌‌is‌si‌ng both of his ni‌p‌pl‌es. It was not clear if they were enga‌ge‌d in a n‌au‌gh‌ty parlor game or just plainly dr‌unk. 
According to Shanghaiist, Ma Jun was immediately demoted from his post as the executive director of his company to being its senior vice president after the video circulated online.
Aside from a salary reduction, Ma will also suffer the loss of his 12-month bonus due to the cont‌rov‌ers‌ial incident.
In another clip, the man who got his ni‌‌pp‌les sucked is shown getting touchy with a female colleague.
Internet sleuths later identified the woman in the video as 27-year-old Liao Lei, who is also an analyst at Founder Securities, while the man she was with was identified as 37-year-old Liu Fengyuan, a colleague with nine years of experience in the securities industry.
As the incident involved both the voters and candidates for the prestigious annual award, the magazine decided not to push through with this year’s vote and awarding ceremony.
Featured Image via YouTube / Netizen Watch
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