Elderly Man Falls to His D‌e‌‌ath‌ After Impatient Son-in-Law Forces Elevator Door Open

An elderly man in China d‌‌ie‌d a tragic and senseless d‌‌e‌‌‌a‌‌‌t‌h due to his son-in-law’s apparent recklessness and inability to wait.

The vi‌cti‌m fell 8 meters (26 feet) down an elevator shaft after his son-in-law became impatient and opened the doors of an elevator when the lift had not arrived yet, according to Shanghaiist.


The unfortunate incident, which happened in an apartment building in an unnamed Chinese city, was captured on surveillance footage that is currently making its rounds on Chinese social media.

A clip uploaded on Weibo initially showed the two men waiting together for an elevator.

However, the son-in-law apparently got impatient and decided to use a key to unlock the elevator doors to check the inside of the shaft.

The father-in-law, thinking that the lift finally arrived, suddenly walked into the shaft, and fell to his d‌ea‌t‌h‌.

The son-in-law is seen trying to reach for the old man in the last minute, but it was already too late.

While no further details have been revealed about the incident, it has generated some discussion on Weibo with many criticizing the son-in-law for his carelessness and others accusing him of doing it on purpose.

“It’s possible he m‌ur‌der‌ed‌ the old man,” one netizen wrote.

“He is really trying to send the old man away,” another one chimed in.

“I believe the property’s safety management is not in place. Why can the elevator be opened at will, without warning signs, etc.?” added another, who shifted the blame on the building’s management.

Featured Image via YouTube / Netizen Watch

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